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We are IDDQD of Deathwing EU, horde... naturally.

Starting with a group of recently returned to wowers 3 months before the 6.0.2 patch we have seen ourselves progress through flex, normal and begin work on heroics, currently 3/14 when the patch hits.

We achieved this progress with 2 to 3 raids a week for 3 hours each, we are not hardcore, but we raid well and have seen ourselve surpass other guilds that have been actively raiding for years.

With the launch of WoD we set to see ourselves expand and progress even further, obviously aiming for mythic content and we expect to be one of the top guilds on the server while maintaining our non-hardcore status.

We've got not time for drama or epic whores, we do whats best for the guild and its raid team at all times prioritising them over any individual, officers and GM alike. 

Please check out our forums for more in depth information on the guild, what we are aiming to achieve and what we are looking for and if still interested you can apply by clicking the "Apply to Guild" button on the top left of the website.

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